Eliminate sample complexity with non-optical acoustic assays

The ViBE Platform enables non-optical, acoustic protein assays utilizing BioScale’s proprietary AMMP (Acoustic Membrane MicroParticle) technology. Acoustic Assays provide greater sensitivity, improved reproducibility and complex sample analysis, allowing increased productivity and efficiency over traditional ELISA and Western blot methods.
AMMP technology is the unique integration of the microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors, biological capture strategies, and magnetic microparticles creating a highly-sensitive, non-optical protein detection technique that is highly robust and versatile. The technology determines protein concentration by measuring the mass of the analyte amplified by the mass of the bound magnetic microparticles. The microparticles capture the analyte, reduce sample matrix interference, provide rapid transport of captured analytes to the sensor surface, and provide the bulk of the sensor loading, thus resulting in a measurable signal that is tracked by observing the sensor response.

The piezoelectric Effecttech_16

Piezoelectric materials convert motion into electrical signal or vice versa.BioScale uses piezos to shake a membrane 25,000,000/sec

Basic Physicstech_13

A spring mass system will oscillate at its nathural freequency – which changes with mass loading

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The exquisite sensitivity of the resonating membrane, the functionalization of the surface of the membrane with a capture agent that specifically binds the analyte of interest, and the signal enhancement through the use of magnetic microparticles combine to make the sensor highly specific, sensitive and robust in a complex matrix.

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