Next Generation Acoustic Quantitation Assays

  • Non-optical detection up to sub pg/ml quantitation in complex matrices
  • Exceptional single digit precision
  • Rapid assay development and walk-away assay automation
  • Fast time to result than traditional assays
  • An enabling tool for every protein lab

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Acoustic Quantitation -  Highly Sensitive.  Precise.  Walk-away


Advance Biomarker and Cancer Research

  • Assay complex mixtures - serum, plasma,  tumor lysates,  xenografts, and tissue culture
  • Enable assays challenged with traditional optical ELISA
  • Fast binding pair selection and screening
  • Off-the-shelf  assay kits – speeding up research
  • Utilized at leading biomarker laboratories

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Widely Applicable, Intuitive and Easy

  • Panels of Cytokines, Phospho-proteins and biomarkers developed in days vs months
  • Detect multiple analytes in a single experiment
  • Detect cells or cellular biomarkers  earlier - an order of magnitude more sensitive
  • Run up to 288 microplate containing samples - walk-away

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Highly sensitive Acoustic Assays using the proprietary AMMP technology allows rapid assay development,  detection of analytes in complex mixtures and fast time to result than tradition ELISA.

Acoustic Assays developed for you by our assay experts.  Process can include antibody pair screeing, matrix compatibility, assay optimization, verification & precision testing.

The flexibility of Acoustic Assays and the ViBE® make them an ideal solution for applications across the drug development spectrum including discovery & preclinical development.

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